May has just arrived in a box and we are ready to welcome it with festoons, trumpet blasts and a thousand events!

Where do we start?
Tuesday 3 May at 8.00 pm Creative and conscious reading course – today we will talk about epics and great sagas –

On Thursday 5 May, all day long, have a party at the bookseller on the occasion of the novel’s release:
The library of suspended stories

Friday 6 May at 6.30 pm we will meet Francesca Barra with the novel: The sea hides the stars _ Intervenes with the author Elena Giorgi
“The sea looks like an infinite expanse. Remon is fourteen years old and has been on a boat for days, cold and hungry. The noise of fear is deafening in that silence. But Remon doesn’t feel alone. Look at the sky and entrust to the stars the most important thing for him: his dream of freedom. He doesn’t know where he’s headed. He knows what he’s running from. From his hometowne, Egypt. From the hatred and intolerance that suddenly changed his life. Because Remon is a Christian and is no longer free to play in the streets, to go to school, to pray to God. He was forced to flee without saying goodbye to his family. In his eyes, too small to have already seen so much pain, he sees the happy moments with them: the hugs of his mother, the chat with his father, the laughs with his brother. Everything now appears so far away. Now that his journey is over and an unknown land welcomes him: Italy.
Remon no longer expects anything from the future. Yet miracles can happen. Because it doesn’t take much to feel at home again. The affection of unexpected friends is enough. All you need is the support of teachers who believe in you. The commitment and passion for studying is enough. Day after day Remon finds the hope and the courage to smile again. Without forgetting the past. Without forgetting where it comes from. But strong of a new discovery: sometimes even from the sea you can fly. After the great success of Verrà il vento e will tell you about me, Francesca Barra returns with a touching and unique story. The true story of a boy who escaped from the violence of his country with a suitcase full of dreams. The story of a community that makes tolerance its flag. A story that teaches us not to take anything for granted. To leave the heart open to those who seem different from us. Because there is no greater wealth. Because this is the only way to defeat fear and be truly free. “

Saturday 7 May at 6 pm _ Franz Krauspenhaar _ Great moments _ With Fernando Coratelli

A hymn to life, between fiction and reality. Franz Krauspenhaar’s most desperate and amused novel, dangerously poised between the coronary and the esoteric. Franco Scelsit, fifty, vicious and passionate about 60s racing cars – who buys and destroys in furious nocturnal raids – is convinced that he is a writer with a misunderstood talent. The economic recognition comes when, under a pseudonym, he creates the character of Stan Dolero and begins to publish low-grade thrillers that crowd the motorway restaurants of the entire Peninsula. He could finally escape from Milan, from an apprehensive mother and from the wise and alienated brother with whom he lives, but a heart attack can upset every plan.
From a hospital of Fr.eriferia, Franco finds himself having to rethink his life. To act as his shoulder, a fierce group of heart attacks of different ages and social backgrounds with whom he establishes a relationship of camaraderie and acceptance of human transience. “If the boredom of living had a price, it would be that of a Bulgari pant. Doesn’t Bulgari deal with panties? Well, for now. ”