Who will come and visit us in the bookstore from 4 to 10 April?

Here are the next meetings.

From April 5th and for the next 7 Tuesdays, the creative and conscious reading course held by Luigi Carrozzo and Fernando Coratelli is back.
To receive the program and costs send us an email: info@ilmiolibromi.it

Thursday 7 April at 6.30 pm_ The fragile form of silence by Fabio Ivan Pigola (Edizioni della Sera)

Hinged around a legendary blues song, the story speaks with the voice of a 16-year-old who discovers he has an irreversible hearing defect. His is a journey through awareness
handicap, but it is also the journey of a teenager like many others, in search of his own identity. It is an empathy that supports him where the senses fail: it transports far and places a diaphragm between him and the world of men who move quickly, and cynically cultivate destiny as if it were an opportunity. The boy observes, memorizes the sounds to listen to them again in the soul and awaits the silence that will come, and that perhaps it will really be an opportunity. He does it on the sidelines, because he does not like noisy and accessory company of passing acquaintances. He is flanked by friends from whom he draws, as from music, the energy to fight the drift. Friendship is the feeling that comforts and gives voice to everything, while the curtain of silence falls fragile on the world.

Friday 8 April at 6.30 pm _ The portraitist by Carlo Buccheri (Utopia Editrice)

The protagonist is Alfio Cafiero, a young man of Apulian origins. The city is Milan, where the whole story takes place. Time is the present, complete with Expo and an economic crisis. Alfio aspires to become a journalist, but for now he has to settle for a poorly paid internship at the Corriere della Sera, where an elderly baron of the press, capable of both cutting-edge answers and unexpected openings of humanity, initiates him into the profession. Alfio is a thirty year old who knows how to take life head-on. By nature he is led to put aside the melancholy to bring out the comic and tragicomic side of things. In short, he prefers the joke to philosophical reflection, a peculiarity that gives the novel a character very original for rhythm and fun. The humor does not abandon him even when he finds himself answering the telephone of the editorial office and talking directly with the serial killer who in a few days is organizing paradoxically contrived murders: corpses dressed in the most bizarre ways that bring recurring clues.
On the crime sites, which span the whole city, the three portraitists meet every time: journalists from important newspapers from whom the murderer demands a portrait that highlights his personality, driven to kill to heal a pain that he believes he can find no other vengeance than in the death of others. Among the journalists chosen there is also Alfio Cafiero, who reluctantly establishes a privileged relationship with the killer, who seems to be focusing more and more on him to obtain the best portrait.

Saturday 9 April at 7.00 pm meeting with Costanza Jesurum

“Give me a normal man and I will heal him.” This promised Carl Gustav Jung in the last century. The past tense has turned his words into a prophecy, revealing how human beings are nothing but bundles of neurosis. Costanza Jesurum, psychoanalyst and therapist, has been keeping a beloved blog for years, “Zauberei”, with which she helps us to extricate ourselves from the psychopathology of everyday life at the time of omnipresent anxieties. And with the same irony but with an even more stringent method, he wanted to write a very funny but solidly scientific manual. “Portable Guide to the Psychopathology of Everyday Life” is a human resistance handbook that answers the thousand questions that haunt us as we go to talks with teachers at school, to Sunday lunches with relatives, after an unexpected night of sex with a stranger or one’s own as we leave our weekly session on the psychologist’s couch.
He speaks with the author Daniela Ovadia