What awaits us in this week that has just begun?
Yesterday the meeting of our reading group was held. We talked about the novel: Alejandro Zambra’s ways of returning to the house published by Mondadori.
The next appointment will be on Monday 16 May with the book: The homeland of celestial visions and other tales of the desert by Ibrahim al-Koni (Edizioni E / O)

April 18 from 20.00 to 22.00 Course of Creative and Aware Reading
curated by Fernando Coratelli and Luigi Carrozzo. We will talk about external narration.
To register for the meeting, send an email to info@ilmiolibromi.it

Wednesday 20 April at 6.30 pm _ Four cups of storm _ Federica Brunini_ Feltrinelli

Viola lives in a small village in the South of France, in a large house that she shares with her dog Chai. It has a tea shop from all over the world. Her passion is to find the right blend for each customer’s emotions and to invent gourmand tea-based recipes. There is an infusion for every mood, and she knows them all: tear-smiles, raise-fear, antimalancholy, wake-passion, bring-joy, hug tea …
For her birthday, Viola always gathers her three historical friends in La Calmette for a rendezvous based on chat, relaxation, sunbathing and the scent of lavender.
This year, however, is different. Despite the joy of seeing her friends again, Viola is tormented by grief over the death of her m arito. Mavi, the only mother in the group, is perpetually stressed. Chantal, a yoga teacher looking for her place in the world, is unsure of her partner, who is much younger than her. And Alberta, a career architect, is distant, too busy with work and a new, mysterious love.
None of the four women appear to be the same that the others know, or think they know. Each one harbors an unexpected restlessness within itself, which builds up by the hour like a storm until it suddenly bursts in front of Viola’s birthday cake and her unsuspecting assistant Azalée.
Between illusions and disappointments, regrets and revenge, tears and laughter, the four women will confront their dreams as girls and the more or less missed achievements of adulthood. And they will go through the storm to come out transformed and stronger. A tea awakens the passion. A tea takes away the fear. A tea embraces. A tea brings joy when life is stormy. In her tea-atelier in the South of France Viola administers sips of comfort and centiliters of hope.
Because there’s no problem a cup of tea can’t scale.

Federica Brunini is a writer, journalist, photographer and tireless traveler. After graduating in Modern Literature and Theory and History of Theatrical Pedagogy in Italy, she graduated from the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Art in Milan and collaborated with various directors, including Silvio Soldini and Giuseppe Bertolucci. He has written for “Il Corriere della Sera”, “Glamor”, “L’Espresso”, “People”, “Vanity Fair”, “Grazia” and many international newspapers. Among his publications, The traveler’s manual (Morellini, 2008), Travel Therapy: the right journey at the right time (Morellini, 2011), I will be queen. The life of Kate Middleton as she told me (Sonzogno, 2011), which in a few days became the most read book in Italy on the wedding of the year with William of England, and the novel The mathematics of blondes (Giunti, 2013 He lives on the island of Gozo, Malta, where he organizes holidays and yoga retreats with the project www.goingozo.com.

Friday 22 April at 3.00 pm _ Stefano Piedimonte will go to the bookshop for a signature of copies of: L’innamoratore_Rizzoli

Ivan Sciarrino is a very particular killer. Perhaps the most ruthless. Because it doesn’t take life away from its victims, it takes love away. Its patrons are businessmen willing, in order to ruin their enemies, to resort to the unconventional weapons of the lover, hitting their wives and destroying their marriages. A gigolo? No. A scammer? Neither. Just someone with an innate, devilish ability to listen to women, discovering what they really want. Yet for Ivan it is not just about work: it is what he tries to explain to the two carabinieri who are questioning him in the hospital, where he is after someone blew up his car. Yeah, because the last assignment went wrong, with the his car jumping in the air and Soraya, a splendid Italian-Moroccan with clear eyes and an almost childlike shyness, which seems to have disappeared into thin air. She who was supposed to be the prey … and instead Ivan fell in love with her. Because this is his rule, the only method: to capture a woman’s heart, he must first open hers and give it to her without half measures. But at what price? And where is the boundary between victim and executioner? Stefano Piedimonte, in a surprising sentimental thriller, tells us about the chemistry of love with an extraordinary range of facets, from the ironic to the enigmatic, from the romantic to the painful. And it does so through the eyes of a man who loves every time as if it were the last, with a thirst destined to never quench.