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March 31st at 6.30 pm _ Pietro Caliceti’s last client – Baldini & Castoldi

The dark side of the big banks told by an insider. A very topical legal thriller about the greed of financial structures, where the law is at the service of money, and not of the just. A journey into the corrupted consciousness of our time.
The games of American banks with subprime mortgages have triggered the greatest crisis in history. Years later, Italy has not yet seen its release. Banks no longer lend money, businesses no longer produce, no one does business anymore: the country is consumed in inaction and shuts down. Those who are most affected, of course, are ordinary people, anyone who does not have family assets behind them. The crisis spares no one: even thousands of freelancers, once almost the symbol of economic tranquility, they are reduced to their knees. Pugliatti lawyer is among them. He sees disaster approaching every day, and despite a great deal of effort he is unable to unblock the situation. Until one day an entrepreneur, also in a very deep crisis, asks him to assist him in an operation that, if he succeeds, would save both of them. He has won a contract that would allow him to pay off all the overdue debts and to relaunch his business, but an agreement must be found with the creditor banks: if they give him the time to start taking the money from the new contract home, they will be repaid. everything, and with increased interest. It seems almost done, but a bank gets in the way …
The last client is a very current legal thriller, which with the rhythms of an action novel tells the daily life without perspectives of today, the greed and shrewdness of financial structures and how one can still try to save, bending the law to your advantage.
Antonio wrote about it for us, here you can find the review


Friday 1 April _ Snow, Dog, Foot_ Claudio Morandini_ Exorma


Adelmo’s life would flow marked by seasonal changes, between summers spent isolating himself in the remote bivouac and winters of darkness and delusions in the hut covered with meters of snow, if one spring day, during the thaw, Adelmo did not see a human foot sprouting. from the front of one of the many avalanches that hit the valley.
Snow, dog, foot is inspired by certain mountain novels of Swiss literature, in particular those of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, or by the even more harsh works of certain Romansh-language authors, such as Arno Camenisch, Leo Tuor or Oscar Peer: there it tells of a life in the mountains made of hardness, fatigue, even ferocity, without bucolic accommodations.
In the immense, hostile and terrible environment of the mountain, the story of man’s isolation, the repetition of his gestures and the obstinacy of his thoughts is rendered by the meticulously realistic description that is sometimes also charged with grotesque and caricatured tones, especially in the dialogues between humans and animals, the latter endowed with a highly developed loquacity.

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