Friends of the box, here are the meetings of the week!

There will be a reading group tonight. We will talk about Akhil Sharma’s Family Life – Einaudi.
I liked it a lot, I’m curious to know the opinion of other readers.
How to survive if everything around you falls apart and you are just a child? Asks Ajay, narrator of this new book by Akhil Sharma. And a precise answer is given: by learning to write about it. If the fatigue of the days becomes narrative matter, if people become characters, if a family biography becomes a novel, perhaps the writer will be able to survive and, who knows, to live. Thus he begins to assemble memories, to capture moods, supervise people and things, rebuilding a life that has split twice: outdoors, when the family, father, mother and two children, emigrated to the United States; and indoors, herendo a tragic accident broke her to the most intimate fibers. From the frugal India of the seventies, flying in the direction of the voices that until then they heard hoarse on the radio, they reached the American Eldorado: running water, elevators, traffic lights, TV at all hours, advertising in the hole, but also disorientation linguistic and racial, incomprehensible and sometimes comic segregations, which are counterbalanced by the exploration of the city and the discovery of libraries which Ajay and Birju access as Aladdin at the cave. Reading, a magic lantern. The two boys grow up and go to school with excellent results; the anxious gloom of the father subsides and the mother adjusts to the new country. But this under construction universe collapses when Birju has a serious accident. Thus the Eldorado becomes a Calvary and Birju’s bed the cross around which their existences rotate and shatter.

Wednesday 23 March at 18.30 Gianluca Ferraris will tell us his story In Milan no one is innocent
While Milan races against time to inaugurate the Expo, Maurizio Rossini, one of the most famous lawyers in the city, is found dead in a flowerbed in Viale Umbria. Gabriele Sarfatti, a crime reporter who at 35 still struggles to get out of adolescence, stumbles upon the investigation that could lead to a career advancement. Too bad nothing is as it seems: in a city where there is nothing left to drink, organized crime still has a lot to suck. And Rossini’s corpse, around which cops, white-collars, junkies and unlikely bosses move, is closely linked to those construction sites that just can’t stop.
A thriller that takes us by the hand into the heart of the city of the Universal Exposition, revealing its darkest soul. The hands of the ‘Ndrangheta on the city of the Expo: a thriller where reality and fantasy play who is the worst.

Thursday 24 March at 18.30 Maurizio Foddai presents A dangerous witness
What are you willing to do to not miss the opportunity of a lifetime?

Xerxes is a dissatisfied man, his life as a career architect does not belong to him. His dream of becoming a writer is imprisoned by the daily routine that has forced him into long, flat working days for too many years. Suddenly an inheritance, the opportunity he has always wanted materializes before his eyes: with a large sum at his disposal, Xerxes can finally devote himself exclusively to his passion. But happiness lasts only a few moments. A skilled scammer claims ownership of the will and Xerxes, seized by anger, kills it, apparently leaving no trace. Tormented by what happened, he decides to disappear from circulation until an unexpected event gives him a new identity, triggering a chain of unpredictable events that risk turning out to be very dangerous. A gripping thriller in which nothing happens by chance.

On Saturday 26 March the bookshop will be closed.
We will meet again on Tuesday 29. Happy Holidays to all!