On 10 September we will host Stefano Ferrio at Il Mio Libro who will talk to us about his latest work, published by Nutrimenti , entitled: Lo playggio .
Gianfelice Facchetti will speak at the presentation.


It is a novel that has as its theme a football match, not just any one, a match that will decide the fate of a small provincial team that could make the leap and go to play the series championship.

I, as I imagine at least 70% of the women who will read this post, am not a fan of football, indeed to be honest, I just don’t care; but I always give the stories of the books a chance, even when they are far from my world and so I said to myself: you know the offside rule, so you are already a step ahead.

I had to change my mind, because, in spite of the theme, it is not a book for football fans only, far from it. The play-off will accompany the choices of the protagonists of the story in those 90 minutes (plus recovery).

We have Hector, who will have to contend with whoever wants to fix the game. Angelo undecided between attending the game of the century or letting the passion for a woman prevail. Nicola, an elderly person in a retirement home who will not be able to attend in person and is suspended between life and death. Tilde who teaches college kids and stays at the box office during games. Sasha who would like so much to be able to go with her friends, but has to stay at home to take care of her sick little sister while her mother is at work.

There are many stories that revolve around this unmissable playoff, and even the lives of the protagonists, as in football, will be marked by the timing of the match. We will have a pre-match, a first half, an interval, a second half and then ending with the post match.

The character that impressed me the most?
Tilde, perhaps because she is the only female protagonist. I liked how she felt from her box office that she had to absolve the fans who bought tickets because, from that window, she felt like she was in a confessional.

Also because Tilde was now known that there were no great differences between “faithful” and “fans”. Both had their hopes for something better in a God or a team, no matter if a couple from Vermeil or a place in heaven. “

Will the Biancoblù be able to make their fans dream and win the game? And the protagonists? Will they win their game with life?

Come and find out in the bookshop!


Stefano Ferrio (Vicenza, 1956) has written for various publications, including Il Giornale di Vicenza , l’Unità , Il Gazzettino , Diario , and has taught History of radio and television at the University of Padua. He has published, among others, the novels The perfume of the devil (Marsilio, 2004) and The match (Feltrinelli, 2011).