Another week, another cycle of meetings in a lilac box.
I don’t know how you can get bored in a bookstore, every day a new idea, a project, a sharing of objectives! Yes, today I am particularly optimistic, but enough talk.
Here are the next appointments, do you want to make me happy? Get involved.

Wednesday 10 February: there is no appointment in the bookstore, but a little surprise here on the blog! So, make sure you drop by, I’m sure you’ll enjoy our game, right Elena ?

Thursday 11 February at 6.30 pm: double meeting in the bookshop
Paolo Mosca will tell us about his novel published by Eclissi: “The praying mantis”
In love I have to be selfish, I cannot base a relationship on altruism. A couple works if two complementary egoisms meet. Then yes, sacrifice can also come, but it is like a pearl necklace on an elegant woman. Sacrifice is a tinsel. Not a backbone. “And again:” I love you as you love what dies with that sense of inescapable. I have always chosen you, as you choose a hairstyle, I have always told you ‘accompany me’ as they say in writing, I see you grow without advancing, I lose you looking for you because you are too real, you are the parenthesis that holds me, the creed that paints me, you are the peak and the fall, my abyss and my nirvana. You I love because I love the defects of you. We should never underestimate ourselves

Roberta Lippi and her “And anyway you are not Kate Moss” published by Imprimatur.
This is not a style book. Nor is it a book about the passing years. And it certainly is not a budget. Personal budgets matter very little to everyone. And it’s not a list of good intentions. Imagine, you got this far without even realizing it, shot from a time slingshot, we can’t destroy your life with sports and diet or by taking that glass of wine out of your hands. These are your next forty years. And it is useless for us to tell it: with the fuck that they will be like the first ones. Because in the former there was a bit of everything: childhood, adolescence, beauty, hopes, play, fashion, study, work, lightness, friends, eternity. Now in your head there is a lot of other things that all end with the word end. But that won’t be the case. It will be forty beautiful years. They will be the ones you have been waiting for forty years

The lilac box in collaboration with Adler Entertainment invites you to the cinema.

The film The end of the tour will be released in cinemas on 11 February . A trip with David Foster Wallace. What we thought:

  • Go to the bookstore to buy a copy of the book and enter the draw to win the cinema ticket.
  • Have you already gone to see it and kept your ticket? Go to the bookstore to buy the book with a 10% discount


Friday 12 February at 18.30: we will host Gianluca Di Renzo with his book published by Edicola Ediciones ” Dead people don’t have fun”
Intimate and universal memories inspire Gianluca Di Renzo’s ironic and cutting writing: family, war, Abruzzo, pain, madness. A ballad in three parts.

And to end the week in a big way, another presentation:
Saturday 13 February at 5.00 pm the friends of Casa Sirio return, a publishing house that I like very much. This time Martino Ferrario will moderate Simona Garbarini who will tell us about “The right place”
20160213_lascatolalilla_postogiustoThe meeting on a suburban field
Guido is a former primary in disarray with a penchant for alcohol. Expelled from the hospital, he recycles himself as a Turin Calcio youth doctor. Toni is eleven years old, a father who sells heroin and two feet so good they can change his destiny. An unexpected adoption. Drug addiction, the sense of inadequacy, always moving on the edge of the abyss: the ghosts face each other together, with an eye to that champion’s future that Toni wrote in the stars and that – Guido is sure – will be the right reward for both.
The past does not forget but the memories and the people who live there are not easily erased. So, when the past they escaped from comes knocking on their door, Toni and Guido will try to hold on to their last chance, to be truly happy.

So diaries or mobile phones in hand, whichever you prefer, and mark these meetings!
I wait for you!