Here are the appointments of this week

May 17th at 8.00 pm: Creative and conscious reading course, we will talk about Docufiction

Thursday 19 May at 6.30 pm _ Paradise for All by Alessio Romano_ Bompiani

Holden writing school. Turin. Elena, the most promising and beautiful student, is found naked and with numerous stabs. Matteo, a companion in love with her, receives a text message from Elena’s cell phone a few moments after the murder. The killer challenges him to reread the 12 short stories Elena wrote for the school laboratory. They are violent tales, full of drugs and sex. Thus began for Matteo an investigation conducted among teachers, writers who really exist such as Sandro Veronesi, among classmates and a series of disturbing and Lynchian characters. Romano’s debut novel is an ironic pastiche and at the same time an adrenaline-fueled thriller.
The writers Paolo Roversi and Alcide Pierantozzi will be present with the author.
ALESSIO ROMANO was born in Pescara in 1978. He studied Literature in Bologna, graduating in Rome with a thesis on John Fante, and Techniques of Narration at the Holden School of Turin. At Bompiani he published Solo cigars when it’s party (2015).

Friday 20 May at 18.30 _ Twenty-four seconds by Romano Marcuzzi_ 66thand2nd _
Vittoriano Cicuttini is the first Italian to play for an NBA team. Growing up in a village in Friuli, as a child he listened to the walls to hear the voice of his mother, who died in childbirth. He becomes a teenager too tall and with few friends who, in order to please his father, a rough man with strong certainties, begins to practice boxing. Then, the discovery of basketball – by chance, thanks to an improvised challenge in a living room where the ribs of volumes lined up in a bookcase act as a basket – pushes him to pursue his dreams. Vittoriano trains hard, and in the meantime he falls in love. When he was very young he married Marta and became the father of little Irene: he looked for both of them in the stands in the most important momentsanti of every game, when all the waiting seems to condense in the trajectory of the ball thrown to the basket. On the pitch he moves like a lithe giant, drags the team to victory even in the most desperate situations, faces opponents and injuries with stubbornness. His career takes him away from his origins, estranges him from his family, forces him to come to terms with himself, places him in front of his own limits and his own fragility, until he understands that sport, like life, is so important to you. it gives and takes away from you so much. Yet the only possible choice remains to get involved again, in view of the few seconds that rehabilitate an entire existence.
With the author will intervene Federica Manzon and Jacopo Cirillo
Simone Marcuzzi was born in Pordenone in 1981. Twenty-four seconds. Autobiography of Vittoriano Cicuttini is his third novel, after I would like to stay still while the world goes (Mondadori, 2010) and Dove si va da qui (Fandango Libri, 2014).

I take this opportunity to also tell you where I will be for the tour of The library of suspended stories (it will make a certain effect to be on the other side … Will you miss me?