Guys what a week awaits me!

The meetings – not only in bookstores – will be many this week and I don’t know how I’ll get to Sunday.
You do me a favor, prepare a spoon to pick me up and obviously participate in large numbers!

Where do we start?
Monday 29 February at 20.00: Meeting of the reading group. (special opening)
Which book will we discuss? Life: instructions for use. I have to admit this is a very far from my ropes book. I found it convoluted and uninvolving, but it’s also true that it probably wasn’t the right time to read it. I think he needs the right time and not a reading between a break and another. And did you like it? I have read conflicting opinions on facebook. There are those who loved it and those who abandoned it halfway.
20160229_la vita istruzioni per l'uso

Tuesday 1 March 4.30 pm _ Signing copies with Clara Sanchez _ The wonder of imperfect years

I had also tried it the last time of the author’s trip to Italy, but with no luck. This time, thanks to the commitment of Garzanti Clara Sanchez , whom most will know thanks to the novel The scent of lemon leaves , she will go from the lilac box to a copy signature. In this case, as for all other meetings, there is the possibility to book the copy with dedication. However, we want to exaggerate: Do you want to give a gift to a friend who particularly loves the author? Tell us the references, we will make the dedication and we will send the book home for free.
In the residential suburbs of Madrid where he grew up, Fran spends his days with his friend Eduardo and his sister Tania, with whom he is madly in love. The two boys couldn’t be more different from him. Children of a wealthy family, they attend private schools and even have the dog he always wanted. Yet Fran feels that something is hiding behind that golden appearance. And when Tania at eighteen suddenly marries a man with a dark past, doubts turn into certainties. Eduardo starts working for his brother-in-law. He hasn’t been the same since, and when he disappears into thin air, Fran needs to know how things really are. The only clue that Edu left him follows. He too takes the path of adult life, but finding the traces of his lost friend is increasingly difficult …

Wednesday 2 March at 9.30 pm _ Cafè Bandini _ c / o Arci Ohibò, Via Benaco 1, Milan.
I don’t have time to recover from the stage anxiety that two weeks have passed and then the bimonthly appointment returns to my door. Vincenzo Costantino is waiting for me on the red sofa to talk about books together.
The Cafè Bandini is one of those evenings to be experienced at least once, so here too I recommend being there.
And then you want to see the bookseller stammering on the stage agitated?

Foto di Max S. Volonté

Photo by Max S. Volonté


Thursday 3 March at 18.30 _ The resistance of the male _ Elisabetta Bucciarelli _ NN Editore
An appointment fixed last year because being able to fit the bookseller’s agenda with that of Elisabetta on tour throughout Italy was difficult! But here we are, ready for a meeting that from what they anticipated will be really different from usual. You are ready? But above all, what is meant by male resistance? To moderate the event, a reader, Giusy and to broadcast it live periscope there will be Chiara Beretta Mazzotta

Man has a successful life, wife, job, home. He doesn’t want children and he just doesn’t want sex. Look for size and proportions in all circumstances. One night he witnesses an accident: a woman crashes into a light pole. The image of her, similar to a Pre-Raphaelite painting, becomes an obsession. Meanwhile, in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, three women are waiting their turn. They talk about men, sure they are struggling with a new type of male, the one who resists, who denies himself and does not allow himself. Beyond the will of each character, something is about to happen: The resistance of the male illuminates a new form of lust, which here finds its final metamorphosis.

Saturday 5th March at 6.00 pm _ Sassi Unplugged by Giorgio Olmoti _ Round Midnight editions
I asked Domenico Cosentino, editor of the book, to let me know the name of the moderator of the meeting and his answer was: Giorgio Olmoti comes alone and fascinates you all.
So what do you say, let’s see if it really happens?

If Matera is not your city of origin, it is first of all to get there. The journey to Matera is already Matera. Disrupted trains and out of sync that governs the universal rule of the track, buses thrown on stone on the motorways at night and full of breaths of anxiety, resignation and nostalgia, crippled cars on the holes of the Basentana and veterans of a monstrous video game of barriers and work in progress and in progress, planes landing at a distance of one more journey, steps and passages and occasions and walking. Matera is wonder and embarrassment, a struggle between the good and the best that you can’t fight. Matera is the smile and the laugh. Matera is the scar and the wound. A pain sample meter depdared on the genetic trail of these people. The obstinacy to tear earth from earth, stone from stone.
For thirty years Giorgio Olmoti has arrived in Matera, he has begun to feel it is home but he cannot give up on all the other places, which have also welcomed him and he starts again and discovers and comes back. Matera is there and always welcomes. Perhaps it is its value and its flaw. And then these notes are of travel and permanence, because at a certain point you realize that even when you have left something has remained there and you have to go back and take it back. And you know for yourself that it’s an excuse and that you haven’t really left again. Matera is a mutant beast in this time that seems to pulsate with an incredible new speed that leaves us still too often at our table, typing the name of the world and believing that we have gained confidence with knowledge. Matera is now on everyone’s lips, programmed on the agendas of the crowd of those arriving all together. This is fine too. Everything is alright. How many has Matera already seen. Everything that is human lasts a breath and the stone lasts the whole time, so sometimes you look at the Sassi and it seems that those open mouths are laughing. Few realize it and the bus is already leaving. Good road and good luck.


And it ends on Sunday 6 March at 7.15 pm I’ll be at the Elita Sunday Park to have a chat with other fellow booksellers. Considering myself a bookseller always has a certain effect on me and maybe I’ll tell them too that in the role of bookseller for now I don’t feel so comfortable. But in 50 years I will become promised!
Here is the detail of the evening:
A bookseller is a bookseller.
What does it mean to be a bookseller? How many and what are the different library models? What are the differences between independent bookstores, chain bookstores and franchises? What are the dynamics that govern this work?
Different realities compared, to discover one of the most fascinating professions in the world.
Hosted by Jacopo Cirillo (Finzioni Magazine)
with Cristina Di Canio (Bookshop My Book), Vittorio Graziani (Feltrinelli), Loretta Masini (ubik Voghera), Paola Rinaldi (Mondadori – Ex FNAC).
Here you will find the details of the event.

All that remains is to invite you to the lilac box!

And remember that you can still collect the cards to play the Italian Book Challenge. Soon I’ll tell you about it in a post. Meanwhile, here is the link of the facebook page that explains the initiative. Click here