Here are the next meetings that await you in the lilac box.

Tuesday 23 February at 7.00 pm the friends of Via dei Serpenti return to visit us with the series of meetings “What can you do with a book”. Word to the artisan editor. Needless to say, he can’t wait!

The Italian Book Challenge – The championship of independent readers will start on Thursday 25 February . On social media you can follow the hashtag: # IBC16
What is it about? A reading game involving 182 independent bookstores throughout Italy. The idea, born from Serena Casini of the Volante Bookshop in Lecco, was welcomed by many other colleagues and now everything is ready to go.
I will dedicate an ad hoc post to the initiative so that I can explain it to you well. For the moment, mark the date and click here to know all the details. Reading has never been this fun!

Also on Thursday 25 February at 6.30 pm we will meet the authors of: The summer of the child dog published by 66th a2nd. Mario Pistacchio and Laura Toffanello moderated by Tito Faraci whom many have appreciated in the novel Life in general (Feltrinelli)

Everyone has to experience the last summer. It is the one in which innocence is lost, carefree companies dissolve, unexpected and feral shadows lengthen. For Vittorio and his friends it happens at the gates of adolescence, near Venice, in a town with a black fairytale name: Brondolo. They will always remember it as «the summer of the baby dog», the one in which little Narcissus (younger brother of Hercules, one of the five in the group) disappeared. In its place, obeying the canons of a local legend, a small dog appeared which they named Houdini, the myth of the missing child. To delude themselves, not to suffer, they wanted to believe that this animal was really the reincarnation of the deceased. It’s a fiction to which the whole country participates in, immersed in an atmosphere of humidity and silence. Men act, one spectator of the other’s vices; women, acquiescent in a silence dictated by love or love in disguise; the priest, supreme accomplice. Never has a corner of Veneto seemed so dark, so far south in the geography of narrative habits. The culmination of summer and history is a double, poignant sacrifice. After that, everyone comes back to life. Only many years later Vittorio will make the reverse journey, will find his surviving friends at the counter of an immutable bar and on that wood will he place a sheet like a calendar that finally opens a new season: the bare winter of truth.
I wait for you!
Good reads to all,
your Dream Dealer …