Another week, another proposal for meetings!

Our Tuesdays of creative and conscious reading continue. On April 26, from 20.00 to 22.00 Fernando Coratelli and Luigi Carrozzo will talk about “Choral” with Zadie Smith and John Steinbeck. To register for the lesson just send an email to:

Wednesday 27 April at 19.00 last meeting of the review created by Via dei Serpenti: What to do with a book
We talk about sales and bookstores: with me the new boxed bookseller Silvia Ranzetti and Raffaella Musicò, who has just opened the Virginia e Co. bookstore in Monza.
We are waiting for you! Aperitif offered at the end of the evening.

Thursday 28 April at 6.30 pm Emanuela E. Abbadessa will come to tell us about her novel Fiammetta (Rizzoli) accompanied by Raffaella Silvestri.

Late nineteenth century. Fiammetta has been waiting for that meeting for a long time. She walked around Florence with a curious excitement on her, at the idea of meeting Mario Valastro, the Sicilian poet whom she reads every day in the solitude of her teacher’s rooms. When he finally has it in front of him, he brings out all his character: he stands up to him and knows how to be seductive with intelligence. And he feels attracted to this petite and cheeky woman, whose sensuality is hidden like the vermilion lock in her hair. Back in Catania, the poet no longer recognizes himself. He waits for Fiammetta’s letters and does not care about his mother and aunt, the fearsome Strazzeri sisters. Possible that he, who did not want a wifeto find out, is he in love? Fiammetta is also amazed: for her a woman must be free to build her own destiny and she would never have imagined putting it in the hands of a man. But he sees revolt and understanding in him, what else can love be? But after an idyllic honeymoon, everything goes downhill at home. Fiammetta has to deal with herself and with a temptation that is difficult to resist. With her debut, Capo Scirocco, Emanuela E. Abbadessa showed us how today we can write a romance with the strength of a modern classic. Confirming himself as one of the most interesting voices of recent years, with Fiammetta he gives us a story of vital outbursts and illusions, in which love has the frightening force of a wrong passion.

Friday 29 April at 6.30 pm
It was the milan to drink by Alessandro Bastasi (Frilli )

Massimo Gerosa, a career manager, is suddenly fired from COMOR, the IT giant where he works. The reasons are vague. His wife forces him to leave home and his nineteen-year-old daughter, who at first maintains relations with her father, also moves away from him at a certain point. After nine months spent among fourth-rate hotels and his SUV used as a dwelling, Massimo ends up working as a night watchman in the headquarters of a far-right movement, whose ideology steeped in nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism. He even goes so far as to imagine and propose an attack against Roberto Modigliano, whom Massimo considers the cause of his “death te civil “and who, in addition to being the esteemed businessman destined to become the next minister of the economy, is also the exponent of a well-known Jewish family in the Milanese area. But Modigliano hides a terrible secret … Against the backdrop of a country devastated by the economic crisis, cultural decay and social loneliness, a ferocious tale unfolds in which, with an alternating montage, the author leads us by the hand through the stories of his characters and takes us to the point. in which they converge in a tragic and definitive game of massacre: a merciless representation of today’s society, on a stage of Greek tragedy, to which only the progressive awareness of Cristina, Massimo’s daughter, will be able to give a little light.


Saturday 30 April at 7.00 pm I will be a guest of Linda’s room in Vigevano

In this room Linda organizes authoritative meetings and aperitifs. I’m curious to find out what it has in store for me! I will tell what it was like to give up everything to follow my dream, to open a neighborhood bookshop. If you are in Vigevano, come and visit us. If you are not in Vigevano and you want to take a trip out of town, come and visit us, well … I’ll wait for you!