Here is what the appointments of the week will be in the lilac box.

Wednesday 9 March 6.00 pm Meeting with Elvira Seminara

“You wonder how the silk managed to hold out around the plummeting heart. There are clothes that withstand the worst goodbyes ». Eleonora has fled to Paris to pass on everything she has to her daughter: some advice, various confessions and, above all, a wardrobe full of clothes. Elven dresses or revenants, fickle skirts, clothes of the omen, blouses with a cheerful voice, to be collected in a lively, poetic, torrential inventory: because certain catalogs are animated and help to live better, inside and outside of oneself.
Thursday 10 March at 6.30 pm Fiat 1100 by Gisella Colombo and Carmelita Fioretto

Milan, the sixties. At Camparino, a historic bar in the center, Anna is with her boyfriend Guido.
From the two exits of the room, however, two paths branch off that run in parallel, poised between the real and the imaginary. Two lives, different choices, which both start from that day, from that bar. To do it the same woman. Two very different love stories, with common points. As two parallel dimensions of reality, where feelings intersect to give life to opposite existences, yet so similar.
One woman and two completely different men. One leads her to a predominantly Milanese life and represents a perfect example of bourgeois life. The other invites her to rebellion against fixed patterns and conventions, taking her from France to the United States, in environments frequented by artists and intellectuals. Two lives, one woman. Two possibilities, but maybe two out of a million.


11 March at 6.30 pm _ Rosarno Generation by Serena Uccello

This is the real frontier of the fight against the mafias, where commonplaces fall apart.
Can one be born into a ‘Ndrangheta family and yet choose an alternative path and reject violence? It is possible to love a father in prison and still be able to distance himself from him, imagining for himself a different destiny, of freedom and respect, right? Yes, they tell the exciting pages of “Generazione Rosarno”, a journey of hope and wonder in that part of Calabria that the most powerful clans have always considered their undisputed kingdom. A high school lives and pulsates in this book in which old and new prejudices and privileges are demolished, where there are no children of bosses or children of collaborators or witnesses of justice, where a thousand boys and girls meet every morning all the same, without having to bear the weight of personal stories. Where a gentle and unknown lightness is capable of generating new culture.
A school that is an authentic fort planted in a geographical and social periphery, from which it teaches the opportunities and promises of the world. It is called Rosarno but eventually becomes the symbol of the whole South: Rosarno like Reggio Calabria, like Naples, like Palermo.