I wish you someone who tells you: I love you up to heaven .

Since the last time I wrote on the blog there have been presentations, awards, courses, Cafè Bandini , concerts. In the bookshop we met Paolo Pasi and his book L’era di Cupidix ; we celebrated 5 years of opening the lilac box at Arci Ohibò where hundreds of you hugged me, made me feel special! We toasted the winner of the fifth edition of the readers’ award: Sebastiano Mauri with his book The happiest day of my life . I was moved hearing the speech of SuperMario, an affectionate reader of the bookshop who at one point wished for the establishment of a law decree to be able to have a Cristina Di Canio for every 10,000 inhabitants ! An evening that I will certainly not be able to forget (thanks Stefania Ciocca for the photos!).
If you missed it on www.radiopanesalame.it you will find the podcast.
I would like to tell you everything I have tried by thread and by sign, I am preparing an ad hoc post, for now I am sending you a collective thank you that I write while I am smiling in front of the pc!
The lilac days continued with the meeting of Annarita Briganti and L’amore è un favola , on 12 November, and with Vincenzo Costantino and Nati to let it go the next day. Friday 13, at the end of the presentation, we stopped at the bookshop with friends, we asked them to deliver the pizza to us in the shop and among stools, chairs and small seats we spent our evening among the books, unaware of what was happening 850 km from us. , which made the homecoming bitter. I don’t want to write about it here, it’s not the right place and we have already read all kinds of comments, some for me even out of place; I’m just saying that if hatred is stirred up, the answer will only be death. I too got scared, I too had some loved ones to call to be sure they were okay, but I would have probably preferred everyone’s keyboards to be inhibited.
Death is answered by trying to live and live strong and so we continued with our meetings and the week just ended Federico Baccomo with Woody and Giuseppe Munforte with Dove beat the wave visited us.
I think having a library is one of the most dynamic, stimulating and least boring things I could choose! Well yes, I wrote less boring because working in the bookstore is something inexplicable, I try every now and then to tell you about it with these posts, but you have to go to believe it!

Staying on the subject of books and special readers, I managed to take a few hours of oxygen, oxygen that bears two names: Asia and Ambra .
You already know Asia is the now very famous MiniLibraia , while Ambra is her younger sister of 3 years.

Before I picked them up to be together, Asia and I had this conversation on the phone:
Hello, aunt?
– Hi potato how are you?
– Good! I can read!
(And he starts reading letter by letter)
– LANOTTE: the night!
– But good!
– But how many beautiful stories can you read now?
– Lots !! And soon I’ll be able to read italics too, you know?
– You’re just getting big!
– Oh yeah! Today is the 22nd you know? My special day is coming! (November 27)
– I know well! But what would you like to receive for your special day?
– I would like Frozen Castle and I need some dresses and ballet shoes.
– But what would you say this afternoon to carve out some time for us and go and choose a dress that you like together?
– Yup!!!!!!!!!!!
– As long as you have no other plans or commitments
– No aunt, I have no other plans I can!
From the handset a contagious laugh and an excited little voice calls her grandmother: Nonnaaaaa Aunt Cri has to tell you a cosaaaa!
And whispering into the handset he says to me: come after you have eaten huh ?!
I don’t know how big my heart is, but I know that the mini-book always steals a piece of it from me when I hear it!


I just drove them home and it was a really educational afternoon for me. The 3 of us walking by the hand, me in the center with my head that looked like a ping-pong ball, Amber telling me that she vomited everywhere, on her pajamas, on the floor and on the bed, but that her dad helped her to clean up . Aunt I love my dad so much, up to heaven . Asia who intervenes saying that in the sky you live very well because you can fly, while we do not realize it, but we live upside down, Why do you know that the earth is round? And if it is round we are necessarily upside down (what do you want to argue? Ed.).
We pass in front of the friends of the Madama Bistrot where a camper is parked. There is a friend’s baby who is playing in it and my granddaughters are also invited.
They don’t want to join, they prefer to take our walk and when we go away Asia tells me:
I buy the camper so much!
Oh yes? Do you have the money to buy it?
Yes, I have already finished two piggy banks
Ambra intervenes saying: I too buy the camper and give it to my dad.
The camper is quickly forgotten because I’m attracted to my gloves.
Aunt, but do you have broken gloves?
No, I bought them like this, I prefer to have my fingers out because they are more comfortable.
The fact that she paid for the broken gloves didn’t convince them very much.
We went into a clothing store to choose Asia’s gift and her sister as a perfect assistant brought things to her: Asia you like this very much right? It has all the glitter.
In the end she chose a sober fuchsia dress with sequins and tulle, I don’t know if my brother and my sister-in-law will talk to me again.
The dreaded moment also comes: I have to pee.
But luckily we found decent bathrooms, yes I’m picky and in these cases I realize even more how indifferent we are.
Asia gives its best in the bathroom. We are leaving the women’s bathroom, when a man comes out in front of us closing the door of the bathroom for the disabled behind him.
Asia without thinking twice tells me: Hey, that gentleman is bad, he’s not in a wheelchair and he used the wrong bathroom! That is for those who cannot walk.
We meet two ladies who are going to the bathroom and she stops to tell them: go to the bathroom with the drawing of the female on it, not the one with the pram . The two women smile and reassure her.
Asia 1 – rest of the world 0.
If you have doubts about how to behave, imagine behind your back a child ready to imitate you in all respects, so you will think twice.
Children see. Children do.
The good I want for my granddaughters reaches up to heaven and beyond. They will continue to teach me so much and I am ready to look at the world upside down.