Oh! Finally the weekend has arrived, after the reading group on Perec’s life instructions for use, the firmcopie with Clara Sanchez , the Cafè Bandini , the presentation of The resistance of the male by Elisabetta Bucciarelli , after spending an evening with old friends with whom I could not go out for months (it was September 2015 the last time I saw them), after listening Giorgio Olmoti and his Sassi Unplugged, here I am ready to experience what this Sunday of “relaxation” has in store for me. A special Sunday, do you know why?
Well, first of all because my weekend slippers have been replaced by heels. Here it would take a wave for the reckless bookseller!

But let’s go in order. It all began a few days ago when I received an email with an invitation to participate in the Longanesi Brunch, on the occasion of the release of the new novel by Lorenzo Marone “Sadness has a light sleep”.
Brunch is a meeting reserved for a group of people chosen by the publisher, who have the opportunity to preview the story of the book and to converse with the author.

I decided to put aside my shyness and accept the invitation, aware of the fact that I would not be alone, as they also received the invitation Elena – with whom I was at the Marsilio literary event that we told you about some time ago – and Eva Massari, a special friend. When the three of us are together there is to be afraid I assure you.

Elena is waiting for us directly at brunch, I, who don’t have a sense of direction, don’t even have to pay for it and I also get lost under the house, I decided to go by public transport with Eva.
I reach her under her house and together we go to the meeting place.
We are late, it is already noon and we are waiting for the tram not even the shadow. So I tell her:
But no, come on, maybe now it comes
Yes, but you can’t even see it in the distance and we’re already late.
She, from the height of her meter and eighty + heels, checks that there is really no tram arriving and is convincing herself to opt for the most comfortable and fast taxi, when even before calling him, here he is turning the corner.
See, fate? You say I can stop it?
– We are not shooting sex and the city, in my opinion it does not stop, however try to give him a sign to see if he is free .
But shouldn’t the light be on?
Anyway, I start waving, it seemed I was dancing the meneito. Despite my clumsy call, the taxi driver stops and we get in, happy to have gained some time. Obviously behind our taxi … here comes the tram!
We arrive on time, Elena is waiting for us to get on and take a seat.

I had never entered the publisher’s headquarters, I must say it made a certain effect on me. While we are in the elevator I think of the authors who have passed through those same corridors, of the meetings they will have held to decide how to promote their books, in short, the publishing world has always fascinated me and every day that passes I am also entering on tiptoe and not. only from bookseller.
We arrive in the room where the Brunch has been set up, after the customary greetings, we take our seats ready to listen to the author.
Lorenzo Marone has already conquered the readers of my library with his novel, also from Longanesi, The temptation to be happy, and something tells me that this new novel will also be liked!

A novel about a family, about a child with parents who separate when he is five, a family that inevitably affects his growth. Relationships in which we can undoubtedly recognize and identify with. Talk about desires, hopes, choices, fears …
We played a game with the author. They sent us excerpts from the book by email to complete as we pleased and here’s what came out (yes, I played too, Mamma Rosa I’m sure she won’t want to).


After the presentation we stop to toast with the author and to eat all together. As usual, I am ashamed to warn that I am vegan because I do not want to create problems for those who prepare food and so after a quick look at the buffet, I go for red wine!
To be honest, I also tasted some polenta.

I can’t stop with my friends for a relaxing afternoon because they are waiting for me at the Elita Sundaypark.
Today’s meeting is dedicated to the figure of the bookseller and they invited me to tell my experience. What a strange effect to be called “Libraia”.
Before our meeting, however, there is Giorgio Fontana who tells us about the life and works of Stig Dagerman, a Swedish writer and journalist born in the 1920s. Author that I can’t wait to get to know and learn more. Giorgio Fontana was an impeccable speaker, and as soon as I get some work in the bookstore I will definitely read them. One of those that impressed me most is: Our need for consolation,

[…] Since I am on the seashore, I can learn from the sea. Nobody has the right to expect the sea to support all the boats or to demand from the wind that it constantly fills all the sails. So no one has the right to expect from me that my life becomes a captivity in the service of certain functions. Not duty first of all, but life first! Like any human being, I must have the right to moments when I can step aside and feel that I am not just an element of a mass called the earth’s population, but that I am an autonomous unit […] – Stig Dagerman

In short, what more could you ask for on a Sunday like the one just passed?
Maybe it’s just the first of a long series, as long as Monday remains a day to myself.
Could it be with this in mind that I organized a special opening on Monday 14 March for Guido Catalano’s firmcopie?