Hi, I’m Cristina, I’m 31 and I couldn’t wait to start a blog.
(lie, I do it again)

Why a blog? To keep up with the times.
(lie, I do it again)

Why a blog?

To be honest it’s a question I ask myself every day.
I’m already on facebook , twitter , instagram and even youtube , I work with carrier pigeons and now … even a blog.
Actually a dear friend who I will not mention for privacy reasons (Elena Giorgi of www.imnotagroupie.net ) strongly advised me to open it, but she didn’t limit herself to the suggestion, no no, she literally created the blog, the pages, she asked Angela Varani to create a drawing, thought about the interesting categories to be included and then sent me an email, lasting a short story, to explain how to use it.
I am so anxious that I am afraid that once I click “Publish” everything will explode. It may seem like a lie, but technology and I don’t really get along at all. Just think that I had to reset my password a million and a half times because I never remember it.
I think I’ll get my seventh tattoo with just that, to combine useful with pleasure; tattoos cannot be equal and as a “memento” I tattoo something that helps me remember.
They also indoctrinated me on the duration of the post, no less than 300 words and, although I work among them, well, I don’t know how many he wrote so I would say that we make these fit well what do you think?
So, let a new adventure begin!
I wait for you in the box.