This post is dedicated to a special person, to the mini book (my granddaughter Asia), who starts elementary school today.
It seems only right to me, as an employer who is attentive to employees, to dedicate a special message to my former assistant.
Many of you met her right in the #box while, at the age of 2, she recommended books.
I can’t help but talk about her also because it is thanks to her smile that I started this adventure.
What do you mean?
When I saw the small rental shop, which would later become my bookstore, my sister-in-law and Asia, who was 10 months old at the time, accompanied me to the visit. I was very indecisive, but above all I needed someone to tell me clearly: “go for it, it will be wonderful”, and so, when I turned to Asia saying: if you smile, my aunt rents the shop, she has the most beautiful and contagious smile that may exist.

In these almost 6 years of life together, Asia has taught me a lot and most of the things I have learned with her in the bookstore.
He taught me that a smile can change the course of things.
He taught me that if you give too many discounts to readers, you won’t make it to the end of the month (see the accountant in action in the photo below).

He taught me that once the sale of the book is over, I don’t have to chat too much with the readers because I waste time … to read with me the story interrupted by the arrival of the reader).

He taught me that by telling and valuing the book in the right way you can convince readers (Signoa? Queto libo looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice ” And if you’re wondering if he finalized the sale despite his two years, the answer is yes! There are those who told me at your proposal that it was probably fate to suggest that title to you. A dad bought The Big Book of Philosophical Opposites Explained to Children (ISBN), precisely because Asia started leafing through it.

He taught me that small talk is okay, but I’m there to sell books, never forget it. (Signoa do not complete free? – No love I came to greet my aunt – Yes, but you do not complete anything? – emmm maybe I’ll be back ok-).

It taught me that the limits are in the eye of the beholder.
Some time ago, in winter, a man with a beautiful miniskirt, wonderful legs and flip-flops passed by the bookstore. She didn’t wonder why a man had a miniskirt, no. She approached the gentleman asking him: Aren’t you cold? I’m covered, aunt is covered, you cover yourself too.

He taught me that books are not scary and should NEVER be banned.
Her first book, which later became her favorite, was: Little blue and little yellow and she only saw colors that together form others. He saw us as a special friendship and nothing more.

Here he tells us about it after many years

He taught me, when he learned that I went vegan, that animals are important. Aunt, stop with this vegan thing. Remember, animals are a treasure. Bees make honey and chicken makes meat. (In fact, this breaks down all my theory).

He taught me to accept compliments when they are given.
Asia, what did you like most about the library’s anniversary night?
When I got on stage and they applauded me.20150914_lascatolalilla_asiapremio

He taught me that books are the best gift.
Her little sister started kindergarten last week and she, to surprise her, rolled a book in a paper towel to wish Amber the best for this new adventure.

Today I would like a giant paper towel to roll up and give her all the stories of the world.

In the coming months they will teach you to write Asia and then you can put your dreams, your desires and your emotions on paper!

In the next few months they will teach you to read and then I will sit comfortably in an armchair and you will be the one to tell me the stories that are in the bookstore.

A new story begins in Asia, and you are about to write it!