Before closing the library for the summer holidays, I received an email with an invitation from Marcos y Marcos to participate in the presentation of their upcoming news on September 7th.

I have collaborated in various initiatives promoted by Marcos y Marcos and I know that they always have an original way of bringing readers and professionals closer to books.

However, I believe that this time they have surpassed each other. Because?

Because I attended my first fashion show on the terrace of the publishing house, but on the catwalk there were the books, their covers, their stories, the voices of the authors. So via heel 12 absolutely superfluous and on my feet I wore a pair of wings, comfortable to fly and dream together with the stories they were telling me in this very original #sfilataletteraria.


I arrived earlier than the scheduled time and so I was able to attend the final preparations, to speak with a couple of colleagues I only knew virtually thanks to social media. I always get a little embarrassed when people approach me and ask me if Cristina is the bookseller of the box. I know, it may seem the opposite, but I’m shy and on official occasions I always look for corners where no one can see me. In this case, however, it was all very natural, friendly, a beautiful exchange.

The presentation of the novelties in bookstores was done without intermediaries, the same publishers Claudia and Marco presented their works directly to the booksellers, because you know, you can delegate to others, but no one will treat your book with the same care and attention. , your work, your sleepless nights, the hours of editing, translation, layout.


In short, while I was sitting listening and “watching” the show, I felt part of a family, of a world, the publishing world, which still has so much to say, but has to find the right way to do it and the friends of Marcos may have identified the road.

And so I’ll tell you a little something in my turn.
(Inviting you to go to the bookstore to find out more).

Let’s start with a title: Children in Time by Ricardo Menéndez Salmon released just in the summer, which readers are really enjoying. A decidedly strong, touching story, a loss, a wound that will change the lives of the protagonists forever, but nevertheless a message of rebirth.

In recent months, the publishing house has come closer and closer to the world of schools and has decided to involve children aged 11 to 18. There are already several of their titles suitable for younger people, but the project was born in early September: #booksound books raise their voices.
There is the site where you can find all the necessary info, I hope to be part of it and invite the project to the library.

Given the special attention even to younger people, why not think about fairy tales? And so, they too will land in the publishing house, if then among the authors we have the composer Carlo Boccadoro then the fable will inevitably meet music.
The great musical battle. (in bookstores from 22 October)
Musical adventures made of notes, dreams and all the instruments of the orchestra.

A new series directed by Paolo Nori has come to life; contemporary Italian authors have been asked to choose a character whose biography they want to write in their own way. Because the world is full of weird people .
The first four books are dedicated to Chekhov a doctor who loves literature, Montaigne and his subversive thoughts, Vertinsky and the relationship between intellectuals and power and, finally, Unterweger who seems to have been the only writer …. serial killer! Told in order by Malcovati, Cornia, Nori himself and Carlo Lucarelli.

Two other cities are added to those already published for the Repertoire dei Matti , this time with Rome and Turin.

Another truly original way of presenting books was to give each participant a boat made with an extract from the book: James de Mille ‘s Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder (released October 22).

And then again poetry with Nati per letting go , which marks the great return of Vincenzo Costantino , after the success of his book of poems Who is without sin has no shit to tell

All that remains is to invite you to the library to be able to browse and wear the words of the autumn winter collection of Marcos y Marcos. You will not regret it!