My week not only canned (lilac)!

I know, it seems impossible, I couldn’t believe it either, but I walked away from the library on two occasions. Maybe I’m exaggerating, too much freedom …!

Everyone has written and talked about Bookcity , I don’t have much to say because I stayed in the bookstore to renew my shelves. I said to myself: in Milan they will all be at bookcity literary events, take the opportunity to implement your diabolical “MAKE EVERYTHING” plan. But again dear old Murphy was right:

If you think you are overturning your shop because no one will pass by anyway, then rest assured that many customers will arrive and moreover new ones who will find themselves in the box for the first time and will have to play obstacle jumping that not even Giochi Senza Frontiere had imagined this way. hard!”

So on Saturday I spent the whole day introducing myself to new customers, we played precisely to avoid boxes, to keep the piles of books from falling off the floor, in search of the unreturned book, a very profitable Saturday.
I apologized for the bomb of books that exploded on the floor, but they all replied: Clutter is the beauty of bookcases, it makes them seem alive ! If this were really so then the box could undoubtedly win the podium among the liveliest bookstores! New cards, new members of the reading group and many people arrived in Via Sannio also thanks to social networks. You know I follow you on facebook and I finally found the time to get to know you in person.
And I, who always embarrass myself, play the clown saying: tell the truth on facebook i look taller!

Sunday morning – trumpet blast – I went out to attend the first presentation of Federico Baccomo’s book: Woody (Giunti). Interviewed by Eleonora Molisani, with readings by Claudio Bisio, while Alessandro Sanna illustrated the story of Woody behind them. Some of you will have already read how much I liked it. I find it a story told in an original, delicate, funny and at the same time never predictable way. The story of a girl, of a wrong encounter (I don’t want to reveal too much), all filtered and told by her dog Woody.
Woody observing the sometimes strange behaviors that his Mistress has, an example:

[…] But there is something else stranger than all.
Which Woody: doesn’t quite know how to explain.
Here, Mistress: collects Woody’s needs and puts everyone in the bag! Woody: swear! Hard to believe but: very true! Mistress: puts Woody’s needs in a small bag as if they are precious objects like: bone, and then keeps small bags in many boxes called: Special Baskets. Mistress needs instead: always in the same box called: Water. Strange things. […]


I’m sure that if dogs had the word, they would express themselves like Woody. So yeah, mine is a read tip!

The week in the bookstore instead began with the second meeting of the Creative Reading Course held by Fernando Coratelli and Luigi Carrozzo, guys what an evening! They told us about Carver Cathedral with anecdotes and background music by Tom Waits and then talked about the Death of a traveling salesman , because reading is much more than opening a book and decoding letters that put in a certain order form words.
Reading is discovering, listening, traveling, it is getting involved, sharing, being alone, reading is … reading, but if you haven’t tried it at least once it is difficult for you to fully understand what it feels like.


But beware, the bookseller has come out of the box again to go to what I now consider my second home: the Arci Ohibò .
There was the show of the Merchants of Stories #sagresposalizitour an evening of Teatro Canzone.
I saw them for the first time as guests at the Cafè Bandini and intrigued I also went to see their other shows, starting with the one most touching for me: The Fool – that is, I have not been – a tragic farce about the Pinelli trial and the deaths of the state, written and interpreted by Massimiliano Loizzi (whom many of you will also know as the face of The Third Secret of Satire ).
Wednesday evening on the stage of the Ohibò together with the Merchants Massimiliano Loizzi and Giovanni Melucci they played: Francesco Cafagna, Stefano Fascioli, Pipa Nago, Pepe Ragonese. As you can read on their blog they try to bring theater to unconventional places and apparently they have been doing it very well for 11 years! Spectators are often involved and, if found with their mobile phones on, even insulted (so if you go to see them, remember to turn it off and if you don’t want to go on stage, avoid the first places or do like me, look down when looking for volunteers, a little ‘like when the teacher at school said: today we question …).

[…] I would like to shower in the foam of the days
go to the sea on a life raft
discover the base of the rainbow and shit on it
I would like to do something to you that no one has ever done to you […]

I’m not going to write it all down, because my advice is to go and see them live.


But that’s not all! There was a beautiful presentation in my lilac box on Thursday. I’m talking about Oceano Padano by Mirko Volpi (Laterza) , a book that I recommend to those who recognize themselves in the famous country boy starring Pozzetto, to those who live in the city and wonder how they prefer countries that are so quiet that sometimes they seem motionless.

[…] Here in the village you understand what the important things in life are. Too bad they are Elsewhere. That very peculiar sadness that takes you on Sunday evening, in August, in Nosadello, when you know that the next day you will still be here. When you believe with restful terror that you could be here forever. […]


On Friday, as a good habit, we met in the bookshop around closing time, without making an appointment because now it is no longer needed. A glass of wine, friendly faces, gossip and confidences have already started a new appointment, but for now I won’t write about it here.

Super godmothers Eva and Elena came by on Saturday to prepare the lineup of the evening that they will present on Sunday 8 November. The fifth edition of the My Book Award, my fifth birthday; I’m practically learning to read and write by myself …


And today, a week after the first thing done in this post, I know that I have changed, that I am not the same person who attended Bookcity on Sunday morning because every person I met, every new book read, every new song or poem heard, have entered to be part of me. Most say we are what we eat, but I believe it can be extended: we are what we eat, we are what we read, we are what we hear, we are what we … live.