The fifth edition of the “… My Book” award will be held on Sunday 8 November at 6.00 pm .
I know what you are thinking: here is yet another literary prize, we really missed it!
Maybe, maybe, or probably not.
The award was born in conjunction with the opening anniversary of my bookstore (November 2010).
I thought that the best way to celebrate the anniversary was to involve readers in an award in which they and only they were the protagonists. Because let’s face it, what better jury than the one made up of those who open the wallet to buy the book, a reader who if they like the book buys other copies, gives it away, talks about it and all without any advantage other than that of having loved it and for this to have supported him?

But let’s see how it works .
The 10 best-selling Italian books from 5 October 2014 to 4 October 2015 are automatically extrapolated from the library management system, obviously only sold in the lilac box.
The list of 10 finalists is sent to readers strictly in alphabetical order so as not to influence the choice of vote and an urn is prepared in the library.
In the following days ( in this case from 6 to 23 October ) readers are asked to go to the bookstore and express their preference for a single title (secret ballot).
At the end of the voting, copies of the book sold to preferences received will be added, mathematically decreeing the winner of the prize.

And that’s not all!
As I told you, without the readers I would not even be here talking about it and probably I would not even be an open bookshop, because they are the engine of everything and therefore I cannot help but thank them as they deserve!
The reader who collected the most points on the library card during the year will also be awarded.
Prizes will be drawn between those who entered to vote for their favorite author with a draw during the awards ceremony.
In short, prizes for everyone, even if, and here let me tell you, the most important prize I won, who after 5 years from the beginning of my adventure I’m still here to be able to live and share it with you! So THANK YOU!

During the evening to be held by the friends ofArci Ohibò in via Benaco, 1 Milan, the 10 authors in the final, there will be two exceptional presenters: Eva Massari and Elena Giorgi, to give voice to the pages of the finalists there will be the voice of Giorgio Ganzerli all accompanied by two wonderful musicians: Mell Morcone on floor e Raffaele Kohler on trumpet.
As always, our radio friend RadioPaneSalame will be present
We are in step with today’s language and therefore live live on twitter thanks to the non-profit reading project @stoleggendo mediapartner of the event.
We asked Angela Varani to get ready to set up the evening with her illustrations!
All immortalized and told by the wonderful photographs of Stefania Ciocca.

Admission will be with Arci card and free offer.

And to those who argue that the world of the book is now a thing of the past, I recommend that you bring a nice life jacket because water will pass and how, but only to stay!

The details will be communicated in the coming weeks.
Here are some images to relive the 4 seasons of the award and its winners together!

premio 2011

First Edition won by Vincenzo Costantino, Who is without sin has no dick to tell, Marcos y Marcos – Presented by Carlotta Pistone c / o Balubà Bar, Milan

Premio Il Mio Libro 2012

Photo by Stefania Ciocca I all rights reserved

Second Edition won by Federico Tavola, Che Bella Vita, Mursia – Presented by Sarah Jane (Radio Deejay) in collaboration with Tito Ciotta c / o Studio Area, 22 Milan

Premio Il Mio Libro 2013

Photo by Stefania Ciocca I All rights reserved

Third Edition won by Marco Missiroli, The sense of the elephant, Guanda – Presented by Rossana Carretto, in collaboration with Tito Ciotta c / o Studio Area 22, Milan

Premio Il Mio Libro 2014

Photo by Stefania Ciocca I All rights reserved

Fourth Edition won by Giuseppe Catozzella, Don’t tell me you’re afraid, Feltrinelli – Presented by Christian Mascheroni ei Nomadi di Parole c / o Arci Ohibò, Milan

As always thanks to all the people who have supported me and continue to do so.
And on October 5th, everyone connected to know the names of the 10 finalists!

Your dream dealer.