At Christmas you can do what you can never do sing the song of the famous panettone commercial that in this period broadcast non-stop.

Bauli types are not all wrong, at Christmas I can do what I would like to do for so many people even during the year, that is: to feel like the bearer of the perfect literary recipe for everyone.

They trust whatever you recommend because like Elio’s song and the tense stories Baffo Natale teaches:
since the main problem is getting gifts no matter what you get, the important thing is that you get them .
During the Christmas period in the bookstore there are not only regulars, but all those – fortunately many – who during the year choose the books for themselves, but when it comes to giving them as a gift then they ask you for advice.
This year I solved the gift issue for hundreds of your friends , I’m afraid my ears will ring between Christmas Eve and unwrapping the books I packed in the bread bag, because yes you know it’s food for the mind! (lie, the real reason is that the bread bag is super quick to close).

If you are a lover of historical fiction and you have found the history of Little piece of Lionni , do not despair, I will have given you Pietro’s package, who instead will have his mother read the story of those two women during the Second World War who are waiting for the dear departed at the front. It’s always about stories, right?
At Christmas I quit the role of the chatterbox, because I can’t stop for a second, the phone rings, the lists arrive, the packages are to be done, the authors come by to sign the books to give as gifts, the chatter is zero.
Indeed, in my case, the gossip becomes the songs of a hysterical bookseller who, while he packs and does not find the letter opener, begins to hum, Letter opener because you are dead, you did not miss bread and wine .
Yes, this is the degree of delirium of the undersigned.
In fact, I do not know if it is good to write a post when mentally and physically it is now fruitful.
But we said that at Christmas you can do what you can never do, right?
And then I also make you partakers of my sclera.
You may be wondering: get help at least for the packages, but I don’t have physically space to set up a table where I can have the books packed and so behind the counter while I ask my father to pass me the large yellow sheet I answer the person who asks where to find the scratcher – they are not missing even at Christmas – I indicate that the book for that friend who has a great desire to read a funny story can be found in the top left shelf according to cubotto, I reply that the books at school are delivered by my courier by 3 pm and then I also reply to her, to the doctor who says: I can do the exams on Monday, they are not accepted no.
At Christmas you can do what you can never do, like this, I answer that yes, I will be there and that on Monday I will take care of myself.

Cri but on Monday you don’t even open during Christmas?
No sorry, but you can find me every day until late and also on Sundays.
Yes, but I thought that at least during Christmas …

And then my paranoia starts, I hope I have worked at my best, that I have not disappointed the expectations of those who have always known me and of those who have entered the box for the first time and found themselves jumping between boxes. , books to be placed in stock, bags with bookings of the authors’ dedications.
I hope theirs: Don’t worry, yours is a living library, I like the piles of books scattered around, it’s the truth and I’ll see them again after Christmas.
Although in the bookstore you do not turn around for almost all the people there, I feel the emptiness of my historical client who came every year to choose and have books packed for her loved ones.
The absences seem more difficult to fill during the holidays, but maybe I shouldn’t even try to do it, the absences remain absences that nevertheless remind me how much attendance was. (Then maybe I’ll write it to you in Italian, today you love me like this, twisted and freaked out)
I don’t even know the reason for this post, but I hadn’t written for too long (for the reasons described above) and I wanted to stop for five minutes and send you my thoughts.
There are 3 days to dawn and I am almost ready to face them!
Let me be clear I’m tired, but happy! Happy that you have chosen the box for Christmas and I will be even more so if I see you again after the holidays!
Please pass by, if only for moral support or to sing senseless songs together …

I try not to reduce myself to the very last moment, 24 evening 19:29 shopkeeper are you closing?