This time the journey to get to know I Librai della Porta Accanto moves to Tuscany, precisely to Pisa, at the Fogola bookshop.

I started following their Facebook page a long time ago, they have over 54,000 likes. Often when you see phrases, aphorisms and quotes from books online, they are shares started from their page.
A library that can definitely be defined as “historically young”.
By reading the identikit you will find out why.
Going into bookstores and going out with a bag of stories is always good and right, but in this case it will be even more so, since a few weeks ago, due to bad weather, the course was flooded and many volumes were ruined because of the fault. of water .

Name of the library : Libreria Fogola Pisa
Opening year : early 1900s but our management started on January 1st 1992
Sqm : 39
employees : 1+ 3 owners
Genre : generic but with a special eye on fiction
Region : TUSCANY
City : PISA
Address: Corso Italia, 82

What did you do in your “previous life”?
The bookseller


When did you decide to join the crazy world of books?
As a child.

What’s the question customers should never ask you?
But 50 shades of gray, have you read it?!?

And what is the thing that pleases you most they tell you?
I finished my supply of books that I bought last time, they were all beautiful with authors that, without you, I would never have read !!

The strangest request that was made of you?
You have those extendable sticks, like coat hangers for closets, right? No madam … we are a bookshop! Precisely for this reason I thought you sold them! How do you put the books on the top shelves? (and you think, inside you, maybe with the ladder ??)

The first book you read?
Little Women.

I know it’s difficult, but if I asked you for a podium, what would be the 3 books you would tell me?
Very difficult … I try to tell you among the most recent:
Stoner by J. Williams (Fazi)
K City Trilogy by A. Kristof
Wild Dogs by H. Humphreys
(but it’s very, very limiting!)

If you could submit a request to those in charge of supporting and helping libraries, what would you ask?
It is a very long speech, but one thing I would ask for sure, pure utopia, since reading is enrichment and culture to be able to download the cost of books from taxes for readers and less taxation for libraries that with the little income they have would suffer a little less….

What book are you reading at the moment?
It seemed like Jenny Offill’s happiness.

Which book would you recommend instead?
The ferocity of Nicola Lagioia.

Digital book, true enemy of paper?
I do not think true and only enemy but enemy yes! Unfortunately, more and more people are approaching digital and, often, they are the strong readers that you lose …

Is there a bookseller next door that you recommend I contact?
Yes, of course, very gladly I recommend Andrea Geloni from the Nina bookshop in Pietrasanta.

How can we keep in touch with your library? Leave us all your contact details. Facebook, twitter, instagram, blog….
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