Daniela Bonanzinga , bookseller of the homonymous bookstore, was recommended to me for the book I booksellers next door by Fabrizio Piazza della Modusvivendi in Palermo. So let’s stay in Sicily which, in addition to having enchanting places, has bookshops that are very busy and above all, here we are in the companions of a woman!

I contacted Daniela on Facebook explaining the project and we immediately started to tell us about our experiences, she gave me excellent advice and complimented my way of using social media to talk about books, in short, we liked each other right away!

Here is his identikit.

Library name : Bonanzinga library
Year of opening : 1969
Sqm : 150
Employees : 2.5
Gender : varies
Region : Sicily
City : Messina
Address : via dei Mille 110


What did you do in your “previous life”?
I don’t have a previous life. I started working as a bookseller at 18.

When did you decide to join the crazy world of books?
In 1981, after graduating from high school, I started working in the family library with my father and my mother. In the first four years follows a degree in modern literature and the first seminar ever held in Italy School for booksellers Umberto and Elisabetta Mauri .

What’s the question customers should never ask you?
Does not exist. When I was very young in my enormous training courses at the Umberto and Elisabetta Mauri school, I studied specifically for the issues that made me most uncomfortable, such as the discount. I did a whole seminar in which some issues on the psychology of sales were analyzed and I never went back to the subject.

And what is the thing that pleases you most they tell you?
The thing I like most is the recognition of our professionalism, my collaborators and I are a team.

The strangest request that was made of you?
If we had haberdashery products, that is buttons and espagnolette.

The first book you read?
At the age of 53 in the Middle Ages, I don’t remember.

I know it’s difficult, but if I asked you for a podium, what would be the 3 books you would tell me?
Diary of Hetty Illesum
Like the flowing water of M.Yourcenar
With her head held high Bianca Stancanelli

If you could submit a request to those in charge of supporting and helping libraries, what would you ask?
I don’t think about it, it seems to me an impossible mission in a country like Italy of approximates. However, I would ask to be treated as an independent French bookshop, with the same rights and protections. I like the value they place on independent bookstores.

What book are you reading at the moment?
The dictatorship of winter by Valeria Ancione.

Which book would you recommend instead?
The rooms of the sirocco by Cristina Cassar Scalia.

Digital book, true enemy of paper?
I have been a fighter bookseller for thirty-three years and I have no enemies!

Is there a bookseller next door that you recommend I contact?
Giorgio Pignotti of Ascoli Piceno.


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