Why ban Little blue and little yellow ?


Tell me it is not real, tell me that censorship does not exist in 2015 and above all that it does not concern children’s books.

When something is forbidden it immediately becomes what you want most.

Am I the first to give in to the forbidden?

Do you want to intrigue a child? Try telling him: read everything you find in your home library except this book. Rest assured that the first volume he will take off the shelf once he is out of your sight will be the very WHAT you have forbidden him.

Here’s what’s happening with the children’s books censored by the mayor of Venice.

Since I uploaded the video you see above to facebook, it went viral. Hundreds of shares more than 50,000 views, I was inundated with notifications and your messages and it was a very strong signal, against censorship.

A client of mine came to the bookstore , bought Little Blue and Little Yellow, got a package made.
It will be a special gift, do you know for whom?
For the mayor of Venice. He decided to send it to him because he believes he hasn’t even read it.

Another mother went to via Sannio, bought it and left it as #librosospeso because (I quote her dedication): Colors must be mixed!

Actress Debora Villa also came in the lilac box to defend Little Blue and Little Yellow:


Come on Brugnaro, tell us the truth, yours was a brilliant marketing gimmick to make everyone want to read these wonderful books.

You can still avoid a fool, think about it!