Book – Libero di sognare (Signed)



The book “Libero di sognare” by Franco Baresi
Is in Italian language and signed




How do you become the leader of the best football team in history? How do you lead a revolution that radically changes the game? Why do dreams sometimes come true? Franco Baresi answers these questions and many others, guiding the reader in an intimate journey to discover the fundamental steps that characterized his growth, first as a man then as a footballer.

It all began in Travagliato, a small town in a depressed northern Italian countryside, where Franco was born and grew up in a modest family but rich in values. There, in a childhood punctuated by the pace of peasant life, he kicked the ball first. Among the most important people of that period there is Don Piero, the priest of the town who set up a football team at the local parish, which would become a small sports miracle from which would emerge, in addition to Franco, his brother Beppe and other professional footballers.

Passing through the death of his parents, the story gets to his entry into AC Milan at the age of fourteen, when he moves to live permanently in the sports center of Milanello. From the friendship with his roommates to the meeting with Rivera, from the unique relationship with his brother Beppe, who lives the same experience at Inter of Milan, to the masseur who accompanies him for a good part of his career, Baresi tells the growth path in which he manages to turn the difficulties into a further stimulus to emerge until his debut in Serie A, not yet eighteen years old.

The author leads the reader in a crescendo of emotions to relive the milestones of an extraordinary career, from the bases laid by Niels Liedholm for the revolution carried out by The Immortals of Arrigo Sacchi, to the pragmatism of The Invincibles of Fabio Capello, analyzing the aspects that made him famous as one of the smartest players in understanding the essence of the game.

In this path he honestly explores the emotional dynamics that characterize some moments of crisis, as in the mysterious disease that forces him in a wheelchair a few months before the triumph in Spain 82, or the risk of no longer being willing to lose that leads to leave the field in a disgraceful Champions League match, Olympique Marseille – AC Milan, or even the fortitude needed to recover in a record time from a serious knee injury, and then perform one of the most extraordinary sports feats, as in the final of the World Cup in the USA in ’94 where, without physical training, he manages to dominate the final thanks to his mental strength and his deep knowledge of the game.

The journey chronologically ends with the historic farewell match in 1997 and the first unforgettable retirement of a jersey in the history of Italian football: the number 6 of AC Milan.


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