My name is Cristina Di Canio and I am a dream dealer.

When I was asked as a child what I wanted to do when I grew up, I always answered “the bookseller!”.
Then I grew up, I studied, I found a job in a company and my life seemed to be heading in that direction.
But I wasn’t happy, in the morning I didn’t wake up excited about going to work, I wanted more.
I wanted to be a bookseller, my childhood dream was always inside me.

So, in 2010 I made a big decision: I quit my job serious and indefinite and I decided to rent a small shop of 30 square meters, I painted the walls in lilac and I gave life to my library, My Book , in via Sannio 18 in Milan.


A lot has happened since then.
I met hundreds of writers, I met many friends, I organized meetings and reviews, I created an annual award for the writer most loved by my clients, I launched the hashtag #librosospeso (thanks to Alberto, reader and customer who bought a book in spring 2014 and left it in the bookstore, available to the next customer), I gave many interviews and I also ended up on the cover of a book published by Marcos y Marcos .

In May 2016 my first book was published, published by Rizzoli : The library of suspended stories tells of a girl who gives up everything to open a tiny bookcase, a magical place where books become Cupid’s arrows.
If you read it, you will make me happy!


illustrations by Angela Varani

Now I am happy and I sell dreams to whoever comes to visit me in my little lilac box.

Those who cannot come and visit me in Milan, in this virtual lilac box will find a lot of me and the books I read, my days as a bookseller and all those adventures that make my life special.


Ph. Stefania Ciocca 2013

credits Stefania Ciocca | all rights reserved