La libreria delle storie sospese

You, the reader who enters this small bookstore, know that something is about to happen: like Alice, who discovers her Wonderland from a secret passage. The Lilac Box is the spell.
Marco Missiroli

The library of suspended stories is my book, published by Rizzoli .
It tells of a girl who gives up everything to open a tiny bookcase, a magical place where books become Cupid’s arrows.

Deep in her armchair, among the shelves that smell of paper, Adele observes the comings and goings that crowd the bookcase. This magical place with lilac walls, hidden on the border between the Milan of boutiques and the crowded suburban apartment buildings, is small and welcoming, and is only for those who really want to find it. Just like it happened to Adele who, since that morning many years ago, returns every day to her friend Nina. Intense eyes and a big smile, the young bookseller moves confidently in the chaos that only she knows and, every time a new face crosses the threshold of the shop, she goes towards him, overwhelming him with her energy.
Here, among the dreams, the stories multiply. Ever since a customer had the idea of leaving a book as a gift for the next customer, the place has been filled with people. So everyone has at least one story to give to others and everyone wants to send a message, talk, meet. And maybe even fall in love. Because, at times, for happiness many novels still to be read and a man, even an unknown one, are enough to sing you love songs; Nina, who grew up with books, knows it well. And maybe she too, who has just interrupted an important story, is ready to live a new dream …

From 5 May 2016 you will find it in all bookstores.
It goes without saying that if you buy it in a paper and bone bookcase, it will look more beautiful.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who will read it!