My Book is the bookcase I wanted since I was a child!

Born from the passion and the desire to return to the true pleasure of the book.
The dream of being able to find yourself in a place where you can immerse yourself and get lost in the pages of a good novel, without haste, far from the chaos of Milan, in a welcoming environment.

My Book is a library in which the continuous exchange of opinions and ideas with customers becomes an integral and fundamental part!

We have a reading group, under the guidance of our writer friend Federico Tavola , which meets once a month to discuss a book.
Together we chat for hours about what we have read, then we finish the evening in the pizzeria to drink and eat, because that’s what we do between close-knit readers.

My Book customers become friends. Love is born, very strong ties. There are those who go on holidays together, there are those who find their best friend and those who come every Friday to have an aperitif with the bookseller.

We organize creative writing courses, workshops with editors and writers that will help you better understand the craft of writing.

New authors and small independent publishers find their space in the little lilac box, as well as all those who have something to say, who want to make their ideas and creations known, be they literary or artistic!

And the children?
A space has also been created for them to cultivate a passion for reading. Many of them have left their mark on the walls, to say “I also passed this way” .
Lots of colorful little hands welcome you and greet you when you enter the library!

In short, come and visit me in via Sannio 18 in Milan .

It will be great to meet you in person!


June 20, 2015 – Letti di Notte, the white night of independent bookstores

My book
Via Sannio 18
20137 – Milan
tel. 02.39843651

opening time
from Tuesday to Friday
15:00 – 18:30