Conceived as an independent bookshop, in which the comparison of opinions and ideas between writers, professionals and the public is a fundamental part of its environment, La Box Lilla successfully exploits the new digital methods of communication with which it significantly increases its user base. , Such as

Thanks to the collaboration of high-profile professionals in the publishing field (editors, graphic designers, translators, illustrators, videomakers, PR, …), it offers tailor-made services to both companies and individuals.

  • text editing
  • e-book creation
  • illustrations
  • translations
  • book cover creation
  • promotional trailer books
  • consulting for library opening (space evaluation, contacts with distributors, management software …).
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  • video clip
  • audio recordings
  • video with animation
  • photographic services
  • interviews
  • sets
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The Lilla Box, thanks to its extraordinary creative drive , creates innovative events capable of revolutionizing the traditional way of conveying culture to the public, as in the Ti I’m waiting on the roof project.

It organizes meetings, conferences and presentations with writers, musicians and journalists in which it optimizes potential , providing the best location for the event (bookstores; cultural centers; theaters; shops; public and private premises); the stand for book sales; the moderator of the meeting; the press office to promote the event; and audio / video recording in HD with transmission on social (in presentations live on its Facebook channel, La Box Lilla reaches thousands of users, able to actively participate in the event through the dedicated FB page).

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The Lilac Box courses are held by professional writers and editors and are aimed at those who want to deepen writing techniques and methodologies. The workshops are theoretical and practical and generally take place in a single meeting. The Laboratories are conceived as highly experiential spaces in which it is possible to learn specific techniques useful to promote a greater understanding of the publishing world.

  • creative writing course
  • reading and storytelling workshop
  • editorial workshop How a book is born
  • single-issue cooking classes (coming soon)
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